SpinDoc is the only Fit Kit certified fit station in Northern New Mexico. SpinDoc's master fitter utilizes your unique anatomical dimensions, which are measured using Fit Kit's precision tools, to assure that you're riding the right size bike and that you are in the most comfortable and efficient position possible. Advanced Fits and Complete Fits are by appointment. A Quick Fit is included with the purchase of any bike.

Fit Services and Fees:

Quick Fit ($45):

After measuring you, our fitter will conduct a brief interview to determine such elements as injury history, flexibility, riding style, and intended use. These will be used to determine the correct size bicycle for you as well as provide a starting point for settings such as saddle and handle bar position and height. Every bicycle sale at SpinDoc includes this level of fit, assuring you that the bike you're buying is the right size for you.

Advanced Fit ($150):

After establishing your developmental fit, your bike will be placed in a stationary trainer and our master fit technician will measure various joint and body angles throughout your pedal stroke. These angles will be compared with the ideal angles for safety, power, efficiency, and comfort. The results typically lead to small changes in rider position to assure that the rider's priorities are met. Video is recorded of the rider, while pedaling on the trainer, for review with the rider.

Complete Fit ($275):

In addition to the Advanced Fit, video is recorded of the rider in a dynamic riding situation (while riding on the road) for review. An Advanced Fit is a process with the rider providing real world feedback on the effect of adjustments. The perfect fit may take several visits to achieve. For the competitive athlete, position may change slightly during the season based on training phase and conditioning level. A Complete Fit also includes cleat alignment utilizing the RADs system to determine ideal cleat rotation and float.

RADs Cleat Alignment ($75):

The Fit Kit Rotational Adjustment Devices allow precise measurement of lower leg rotation during the pedal stroke. Cleat position is aligned rotationally to accommodate the unique physical characteristics from person to person, and sometimes between the right and left side in the same person. If you are having SPD-compatable cleats aligned, we will also include a pedal tune up. Rotational alignment is be very useful for people using clipless pedal systems while participating in indoor cycling classes.

Pedal Tune-Up ($25):

Your pedals are cleaned and lubricated. SPD pedals have their release tensions set equally utlizing a torque wrench adapter.